Our mission is to display the love of God by meeting the unique needs of our Military members and their families. This includes: Active Duty, Activated Reservists, Reservists, Retirees, and Veterans.

We accomplish our mission by doing all we can, so that every Military Member at Radiant sees us as their ACES:


Find quiet and professional ways to appreciate our military and their families for their service and sacrifice.


Provide safe and secure ways for our military members and their families to connect with other Christians, especially those who share unique military experiences.


Offer Christian encouragement to our military members and their families at all times, but especially during challenging circumstances unique to the military such as deployments, TDY/TAD and PCS.


Help meet the needs of our military members by serving them (e.g. service projects, meal trains, select babysitting nights, prayer).

Please contact the Radiant Church Military Ministry for any help or information by clicking HERE.

Also, request to join our Radiant Military Facebook Page to stay connected to other Military Members at our church and get updates on special events we may be having! Check it out HERE.