When Pastor Aaron and Katie started Radiant they had a vision from God that Radiant Church would have a facility in South Tampa on Dale Mabry between Gandy and Kennedy. We have truly been blessed with the South Tampa campus facility here in the Britton Plaza, and over the last couple of years we have done our best to be good stewards of what God has given us. Almost 2 years ago we had a dream to knock down a wall between the theaters to make a large auditorium that could double our seating capacity, and God provided and me made it happen. Last year we were blessed to be able to buy out the lease of the facility and own this amazing space, so we renovated and made more room. Even with these upgrades to the South Tampa facility we continue to fill up to capacity and beyond in all of our services, and that is where the vision of Project 300 comes in. The goal is to increase the capacity of our main auditorium and kids spaces by 300 people per service, that's 1200 more people every Sunday! Check out the information below for more details of what is going to be done.

Main Auditorium

Right now our main auditorium in our South Tampa location holds just under 400 people. Each week we pack out every seat and have several people having to sit in our overflow simulcast experience. The goal for this portion of the renovations would be to push the back walls of our current auditorium back nearly 20 feet and we will take out the overhang that is currently there as well. This will dramatically increase the space, and will add an additional 200 seats. That gives us the ability to provide an amazing experience for 600 people every service!


As we work to make the experience better for the adults in the main auditorium, we also want to provide a quality experience for the kids as well, because they deserve it! We have already began working on renovating one of the upstairs auditoriums to give our Elementary students a state of the art experience, where they will truly get to live out the mission statement of Radiant Kids of "Having fun and learning about God!" We will also be working to make our Babies, Toddlers, and Preschool experience better, and give them a space that is fun and allows for them to do everything they need to do to learn more about Jesus.


This portion of our upgrades directly effects both of our campus. Our Downtown Campus has been going amazing, but we need to improve the quality of the broadcast equipment in South Tampa to ensure that the video that is streamed over there is clear and sounds great to ensure they are having a great experience as well. We will do this by upgrading our cameras in the South Tampa location, as well as the lighting throughout the South Tampa auditorium. This portion also includes the upgrades to the Downtown Stage, with improving their lighting set up and video and audio in the lobby. These upgrades will also get us to a point where we can begin live streaming online later this year, and provide a quality experience for people watching from all over the world who are unable to be with us.

Renovation timeline

April 9th- We will be taking up a Legacy Offering toward this project on Palm Sunday. We need to raise $300,000 to make this project happen, and we believe that through the generosity of the church we will be able to do this project debt free!

April 15th-16th- Our Easter weekend will include the Egg Drop on April 15th, and then 9 Easter Services between our 2 campuses.

April 17th- The day after Easter the construction crews will be at the South Tampa campus to begin the renovations that should last 4-6 weeks.

April 23rd-May 21st- During the renovations the entire church will be meeting at our Downtown location! We will have 3 dynamic services at 9, 10:30, and 12. We are so excited for the church as whole to get to experience our Radiant Downtown campus and believe that God will continue to do amazing things through this location!

April 23rd- The Sunday after Easter we will be having Baptisms at Radiant Downtown Campus after the third service on the grounds of Blake High School. There will be food and fun as we celebrate the life change of our fellow Radiant members! To register for Baptisms on April 23rd click HERE

Legacy offering

One of the priorities of Radiant Church from the beginning is to do everything DEBT FREE! To make Project 300 a success, and to complete the work debt free, we will be taking up a Legacy Offering on April 9th, which is Palm Sunday. We are so thankful for the generosity of the church, and we Believe that God will bless this project as a result of the generosity of His people. To give toward this Legacy Offering click HERE