Spring Groups will start the week of February 4th

(Starting January 28th, you can click HERE to sign up)

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As we dig into God’s Word, we have the opportunity to discover

our true value and who we are in Christ. 

A deeper intimacy with our Savior is waiting as you set aside time

to reflect and rest in the richness of His presence through his powerful Word and learn from others in community. 


Creative, innovative, out-of-the-box ideas for small groups welcome!!

Small Group Leaders - Passionate about something that would be beneficial to other women? Lead a small group. We can help you on this journey!

Small Group Co-Leader - We need co-leaders to help with groups too. Contact us and will connect you with a Leader. 

Group Host - Women willing to open their house as a meeting place for a small group (you can set the size). We'll connect you with a leader!

Coordinator: Brittany Frederick

Email Brittany (Click HERE)

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Radiant Women is thrilled to offer two specialized groups
with trained leaders in their specialty.

Surrendering the Secret

Led by Amy Madera and Tracy Patterson

43% of women have had an abortion in their past. 

As a result, many of these women carry the pain and shame of their choice. 

Are you one of these women? God wants to give you HOPE, healing and peace!

Please join us for Surrendering the Secret, a powerful 8-week study that helps hurting women find the path to healing through honest, interactive Bible study. 

Please watch for Radiant Group Sign-ups (September and January) for this group.

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Led by Erin Farley

Are you wanting a deeper walk with the Lord, but feeling like you're carrying some things from your past that are holding you back? Are you struggling to connect with other people, because you're scared they might find out what you have done

or what has happened to you?

Are you wanting to heal from past wound of trauma, but not sure how to do that? You carry a story--filled with loss and beauty, betrayal and connection, shame and confusion. That story can impact your present reality and your hope for the future. 

This group allows you to open your soul to a deeper understanding of your past, 

gives you the courage to connect in current relationships, 

and the opportunity to grow in your walk with God. 

Two of the biggest enemies of emotional freedom and healing are secrecy and isolation. 

So, we're going to connect with other ladies, joining arms and walking together as we face the past and ask the Lord to bring healing and power as we walk into our future.

Whether you've been in an relationship with Jesus for many years, or are just starting a relationship with Him, you can benefit from healing in your past and connecting with other women in your journey. 

Please watch for Radiant Group Sign-ups (September and January) for this group.

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